LicenseMonitor™ : Monitor Software License Utilization


LicenseMonitor™ is a software license tracking tool providing current and historical license utilization reporting capabilities. Software license availability and usage statistics gathered from FLEXlm, RLM, LUM, and other license managers is monitored in real-time, making it a powerful software license management tool for any CAD/IT manager.

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High-level features include:

  • Table-based statistical reports, plots, heatmaps, pie charts, and more
  • Web-based interface, integrated web server
  • Computer monitoring (hardware, load, and process information)
  • Process monitoring and license "wrapping" capabilities for monitoring unlicensed tools
  • License management features for working with license files and controlling servers
  • Open database for custom SQL queries, PostgreSQL database bundled
  • Report on features, checkouts, denials, and more
  • View reports in table or graphical format, or export to CSV
  • Innovative product view removes the need to remember which features are part of which product


LicenseMonitor™ provides all of your license tracking, reporting, and management needs out of the box, with no additional software required.



LicenseMonitor™ datasheet
LicenseMonitor™ solution description